Aquabike Session at Aqua-Fit Spa, Sunset Mall, Jumeirah 3, Dubai

Just a month ago, I saw a competition post from Sunset Mall Fb page. The contest was all about sharing your dedication to your mom. At first, I was hesitant to join because an entry must earn the maximum likes in order to gain the 3 winning spots. And then, I realized that I should join anyway because what matters most is the dedication that I will make for my mom,  whether I win or lose on such contest. But fortunately, I did it! My cousin made it possible for me to reach it. I am thankful for my mom too of-course. 🙂

As the first prize winner, I have given a 6- free sessions of Aquabike at Aquafit Spa. It is located at the ground floor- in Sunset Mall, Jumeirah 3, Dubai.sunset mall.jpgSo, I am really thankful that I am done with my first session and I am happy to share it to you what Aquabike means, what it is for, why we should try it and how I felt after my first session. 🙂

AquaFIT is the first fitness center in UAE dedicated for individual spa-biking, a fitness revolution that is taking the world by storm. Each session is equivalent to a 30-minute exercise as well as relaxation and pampering. And each session is usually enjoyed in the total comfort and privacy of an individualized room which is equipped with a Flat Screen TV, Tablet, Headset and removable walls for duo sessions if you desired. In my first session, I chose to watch Netflix series and enjoy the 6th episode of Santa Clarita Diet starred by my favorite actress Drew Barrymore. 🙂 It depends on your choice on how to enjoy your aqua bike- moment more.

Are you getting excited to try Aquabiking soon? Well, it is indeed worth to try for such activity has many wonderful benefits. The receptionist of Aqua-Fit Spa provided me a brochure below and I made a text form of


  1. Transformation of Lower Body: The best way to shape thighs, buttocks, legs and calves is through underwater exercise. The hydro-massage jets help in lymphatic circulation that in turn helps in draining  of adipose tissues.
  2. Cellulite Elimination: The combination of 16 hydro massage jets that target specific areas along with the hydrostatic resistance of pedalling underwater , leads too the breakage and draining of cellulites in a revolutionary new way.
  3. Natural Work out preserves blood vessels– unlike other methods that use external heat and pressure, often resulting in the breakage of blood vessels, Aqua-Fit relies on the heat generated by the body during the work out to dislodge cellulite. this makes it the safest and most natural way to get rid of cellulite.
  4. Fat Tissue Replacement– Because of the higher resistance provided by water as compared with air, the muscles have to work considerably harder within the span of the work out session. This not only helps in burning 500 – 700 calories in 30 minutes, but also results in the rapid conversion of fat tissues to muscle tissues.
  5. Skin Rejuvenation– The power of hydrojets gives a micro-peeling effect resulting in newer, firmer skin.
  6. RehabilitationAqua-Fit was originally invented for rehabilitation and treat specific conditions such as:  Muscular Atrophy, Osteo-Articular Problems and degenerative and inflammatory conditions.
  7. Exercise and RelaxAqua-Fit exercise sessions are usually enjoyed in the total comfort and provacy  of an individualized room equipped with a Flat Screen TV, Tablet, Headset, disposable shorts and shoes and removable walls for duo sessions with a friend if one desires.
  8. Chromotheraphy– The relaxing properties of chromotheraphy  are well knows to promote vitality (Red), calming colour for relaxation (Blue), Yellow stimulates mental ability and concentration  and Green increases sensitivity and compassion.

What an amazing health benefits are they! During my first session, I was happily assisted by Ms. Sharmaine in my private room. Each room has complimentary towel, shoes, toiletries, vanity kit and water.

Rest assured that you Aqua-Fit  session will makes you well-pampered. It is not just a work out but definitely the best way for muscle therapy and skin rejuvenation. Here are the price list for your quick reference:

  • 6 sessions- AED 1020 ( AED 170/session- 10% savings)
  • 12 sessions- AED 1800 ( AED 150/ session- 21% savings)
  • 24 sessions- AED 2880 (AED 120/ sessions- 36% savings)

If you wish to know more about it kindly click here. You may also contact the Aqua-Fit in landline: 04-320-3909 ; mobile- 050-884-9275. You may call to book your trial session NOW. 🙂


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